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Welcome to Top Carpet Cleaning in the District of Columbia

Is your home perfectly clean? When you finish your regular cleaning routine and look around, does your home look ready for guests? If not, the problem may be that your upholstery and carpets are not as clean as they need to be. Top Carpet Cleaning in DC can may your home sparkle once again. Give us a call at (000)000-0000 and we will show you how clean your home can be for a low cost and with quick response to your call. We come quickly, clean fast and deep, and leave your home looking like new.

How We Can Help Your Home

Top Carpet Cleaning provides the very best for upholstery, carpet and rug cleaning within the capital area. You can rely on Top Carpet Cleaning to clean your home with safe, biodegradable cleaning products. We offer treatments for pet odors and urine stains for your floor coverings and upholstery. Your home will be freshened like new and you can invite guests into a clean, soft and odorless room. We ensure your home is fresh and smells the way it did the day it was built. And, Top Carpet Cleaning uses only safe cleaning solutions which clean your home gently and safely.

The Very Low Moisture Cleaning Process

Very Low Moisture (VLM) systems use special scrubbing machines which use a dry cleaning compound. This quick method assures your rugs and carpets can dry within a fraction of the time needed by traditional methods, usually within two hours. The cleaning compound is 98 percent biodegradable. The VLM method raises the pile on the carpeting while the scrubber works the cleaning compound down to the bottom of the pile. By contrast, cleaning with household cleaners and a brush only reaches about the top third.


Save Your Upholstery

Treat your furniture as the major investment it is by keeping it clean, soft and fresh. Your furniture will last and remain a true asset to your home years longer. Top Carpet Cleaning technicians are trained to use the proper cleaning methods and solutions for every situation. We have tools specially designed to reach down the deepest folds and crevices. Don’t throw your furniture away if it is only dirty or stained. Give us a try first. And, when we clean your furniture with your carpeting at the same appointment, your home can go from dingy to perfect within a day.

Water and Mold Damage Restoration

If you have an emergency such as a flash flood or waterline break, the destruction must be repaired very quickly. If not, mold growth and the permanent loss of your furniture and carpeting follow. Water damage is as serious as that from fire. You are not only left with the obvious damage. Mold spores can make your home unlivable very quickly, requiring major reconstruction. You have no time to lose. If the worst happens to you, call Top Carpet Cleaning immediately. We are always available to you for an emergency, no matter the time or day. We can work to restore your furniture, carpets and rugs to nearly new very quickly.


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The Newest Method, Vapor Steam Cleaning

Our new and improved vapor method of carpet cleaning is light-years ahead of the old-fashioned hot water, so-called steam cleaners. This method uses higher water temperatures — from 240 to 310 degrees Fahrenheit. This higher temperature produces lower moisture, low-pressure vapor steam. The method requires no chemicals and uses only a very small amount of water. This is an extremely effective cleaning method. Your carpeting can be walked on within two hours. It is also perfect for use when a hypo-allergenic method is demanded. Vapor steam cleaning kills mold and bio-contaminates such as viruses and bacteria. This method is not only effective; it leaves your home environment much safer.

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